Liverpool – Self Promo to USA – Standard Chartered – Warrior

9 Apr

Liverpool FC’s summer tour to USA has taken an incredible twist a year later. Their life long player and legendary captain has decided to join to the MLS outfit LA Galaxy which took the headlines with David Beckham signing previous seasons.

American based Fenway owns the club and they have made these US visits quite regular now. LFC, which has a large fan base in USA used the poster to promote the tour to their fan base prior to their visit in Summer of 2014.

Going cheeky on the Eddie Murphy movie poster – Coming to America – I liked it then, I like it even more now with its relevance !

Importance of the shirt sponsor and the shirt maker makes a highlight here . Both are very visible and being position as much as their own advertisements!



Breitling & David Beckham

19 Dec


Breitling buys into Brand Beckham’s magnetic power and started to use him for their newest watch. Strong shooting, clear messaging and image. Probably fits to the target segment of the watchmaker to use men style icon & successful athlete . Thumbs up for this ad.

UPS & Ben Ainslie

19 Dec

UPS was one of the official Olympic sponsors in the London2012 Olympics. I like the story telling approach where they used one of their brand ambassadors , Ben Ainslie , 5 time gold medalist in 5 different events. This ad appeals to both your normal consumer who would pick a logistics company for their own use and gives UPS a further appearance through Ainslie but also to business customer with clever story telling. Good example and more to follow with different athletes .


Turkish Airlines & FC Barcelona

8 Dec


Turkish Airlines’ big gambit to partner FC Barcelona has been paying off to get their visibility sky high. There are series of FCB adverts to share in the blog. This one surprisingly brakes the 4-6 player rule and uses the whole of the match day squad. Powerful and resonating.

GSK & Graham Edmunds

6 Dec


GSK was one of the London 2012 Olympics providers as anti-doping lab operators during the games. Another good fit with the message in this advertisement. I found the whole GSK messaging very powerful during the games with these adverts , fostering fair play, honest , Olympic spirit and positioning GSK in the heart of those messages as enabler of the anti doping labs.

Adidas & Tom Daley

6 Dec

Adidas has used young diving talent Tom Daley as one of the faces of their pre and during Olympics adverts. These have been on the magazines and billboards. I likes these adverts as a Londoner , experiencing the Olympics as it resonated with the spirit of the games and the city. These also clearly gives the message around Adidas being the team GB’s apparel of choice.

Lucozade & Vodafone McLaren F1 Team 2012

23 Nov


Lucozade, partners for Vodafone McLaren F1 team uses both drivers and the car itself with one of the best catch lines that rhymes and reads clearly with the sports itself. Strong brand endorsement as it portraits, hydration as one of the key factors in F1 racing for the drivers. Note the cross pollination of other sponsoring brands – Vodafone, Santander, Hugo Boss, Mobil 1, Aon, DHL clearly visible. Beauty of F1 sponsorships plays for them without paying a penny for coverage and creative as well.

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